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Sofie & Oliver from



Police business in Raccoon City & Neo Tokyo-3

Starring Sofie and Oliver

... in Resident Evil / Biohazard バイオハザード
... in Neon Genesis Evangelion 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン

We are two cosplayers from Leverkusen (near Cologne, Germany) and our favorite is Resident Evil/Biohazard from the old games (RE1+2). Most time we are visiting events with Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy, since 2017 with our own R.P.D.-Policecar (a black-and-white repainted Volvo 850 station wagon) on Anime-/Manga or Movie-/Horror-Conventions.

Jill Valentine Our second main focus is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department 警視庁 and Neon Genesis Evangelion in combination, playing Gendo Ikari and Misato Katsuragi in the japanese police-uniform.

Other hobbies: LiveRolePlaying and Anime/Manga, Japan!


First Cosplay: Lucy and Bando from Manga/Anime "Elfenlied" at Connichi 2013.

As Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy at Connichi 2014
Leon Kennedy
No-Name-Characters from Umbrella Corporation and SWAT-team
First time at an international cosplay-event: Comiket C91, Tokyo, Japan

New version of Bando, Japanese Police-Version of Misato Katsuragi and Gendo Ikari at Connichi 2017
RPD-Versions of Jill and Leon and female zombie mob from Resident Evil 2
Our car repainted to a R.P.D.-policecar, first presentation on House of Horrors 2017

Leon Kennedy Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine R.P.D.
Lucy aus Elfenlied, Torsten Münchow (dt. Synchronstimme Alucard in Hellsing), Bando (aus Elfenlied), Jouji Nakata (jap. Synchronstimme Alucard in Hellsing + Bando in Elfenlied)